Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunny summer weekend and vitamin D

Yay, my first post! Its been a nice weekend so far. We had a nice BBQ at our neighbours yesterday, its been quite sunny and therefore I have been able to get some sun based vitamin D, Research has shown that the more vitamin D, the less relapses are had. We need to move to a more sunny country, then England perhaps. Our kind neighbours made sure the BBQ suited my dietary requirements of no dairy and gluten, After being diagnosed with MS back in November 2007, after the initial shock, I started to read lots about MS and MS and diet, had some intolerance testing and now no longer eat dairy or gluten. I realise the medical world may not advise this, as there is no evidence that this helps, but there does seem to be a lot written about this and quite a few of the people I have met with MS have also changed their diets. The MS specialist did say, there was some evidence a mediterraean diet could help...
My husband and I were planning a bike ride this afternoon, but he is not feeling 100%, (I think he just wants to watch the Grand Prix) so we are not going now. Exercise is good for MS and therefore people with MS are encouraged to do some. Instead I will go and read in the garden and soak up some more sun :) R

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