Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Neurologist Appointment

I have not long returned from an appointment with the neurologist. She is a new doctor at the MS centre and she was very nice. I asked her how she thought I was doing for someone who has had MS for nearly five years and she said very well, so fingers crossed, long may that continue. My first relapse which was nearly five years ago was diagnosed as labyrinthitis, so I didn't know then that it was MS. It was not until the following year when I had numb, tingly hands and my right eye went blurred, that I was referred to the neurologist and diagnosed.
I asked the neurologist about the new tablet licensed for MS called fingolimod and she confirmed I was not eligible to receive this, as it is for people with quite active MS, which fingers crossed I don't have. Also, at the moment, my husband and I are trying for a baby and therefore no MS drugs can be taken. I confirmed with the neurologist that the chance of me having a baby with MS were very low, as it is not an inheritary condition. According to the reports I have read there is a 2% chance they could get MS and a 98% chance they won't, so not bad odds and I will make sure they get plenty of Vitamin D. I hope I get pregnant soon,I am looking foward to having a baby and being a Mum, also during pregnancy you are protected from having an MS relapse, especially during the last three months, as the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy. So it seemed quite a positive appointment, so I will keep up my positive attitude, which I always try to have and hopefully it helps :)

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